Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment & Retention

In today's global marketplace, competition for talent is immense. In order for us to compete for talent within our industry and beyond, we must ensure that we have an efficient recruitment process. We partner with a number of recruitment agencies, as well as using social media and our own network to ensure we can recruit the best talent across the worldwide market.

We work with businesses to ensure that we retain our best employees. We do this by ensuring our workforce receives a positive experience whilst working for us. As far as practicable we try to ensure that our workforce is engaged and is encouraged to input their ideas for the continuous improvement of the business. We believe that it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that the workplace environment is a positive one which should encourage people to continue to want to work for us.

In order to remain competitive in the marketplace for talented individuals it's our job to benchmark and advise senior business leaders if we believe that pay and reward is misaligned to the current market. It's important that we pay a competitive rate to our employees which recognises their skills and talents, however also makes us competitive enough to sell our product in the global marketplace where labour costs may be even more competitive than in the UK.

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